Freelance Full Stack Developer – Turkey / İstanbul

Since 2008, he has carried out individual and corporate projects in the field of Mobile Application Development and has given trainings to many banks and corporate companies on this subject. He has also developed games such as Volkicar with Unity3D and his applications are actively used by over 3,000,000 users across Turkey. There is a Linux distribution for Signal Intelligence called SigintOS. He provides training on Signal Intelligence, Mobile Security and Espionage, and also works in the field of Blockchain. He has a book called Cyber Espionage. He is currently the Technology and Innovation Manager in a private company operating in the Defense Industry and takes part in the development of innovative software and military products for the defense industry.




  • İstanbul University / 2019-2023 (Management Information Systems)
  • Blacksea Technical University / 2002-2004 (Electric-Electronic)
  • Bilkent University / 1999-2002 (Computer Technology and Programming)
  • Trabzon Lisesi / 1995-1998


  • Pavotek / 2020 (Technology & Innovation Manager)
  • PANOD / 2020-2021 (CTO)
  • Arox Bilişim / (Senior iOS Developer)
  • Mira Telekomünikasyon / 2012-2013 (Senior iOS Developer)
  • Bilişim Eğitim Merkezi (Project iOS Trainer)
  • ABİGEM – (Avrupa Birliği İş Geliştirme Merkezi) / 2009-2011 (Technology Centre Manager)
  • Vagabond (Gelişim Creative) / 2008-2009 (3D Design Expert)


  • SIGINT SigintOS® Owner & Maintainer
  • Military Development Military Software Development
  • GSM Development 2G & 4G Software and Systems Development
  • Defence Industry Defence Industry Software and Systems Development
  • Objective-C & Swift Objctive-C & Swift Developer & Trainer
  • Unity3D Unity3D Maker & Trainer
  • Photoshop Designs the interface designs of her applications herself
  • Php Expert
  • Mysql Expert
  • Linux Developed its own linux distribution
  • 3D Studio Max Maker & Trainer